Cultural Center Stars of Sidi Moumen

DSCF3154In recent years, centres – mainly social centres – have opened in the Sidi Moumen district, trying to channel the excitement of the youth living there. But the demand is so high that it is not enough. There are barely two centres for no less than 300 000 inhabitants, which is largely insufficient. Furthermore, work, performance and exhibition spaces are extremely rudimentary and offer very limited opportunities to the young talents of the Sidi Moumen district. Young people only benefit from a limited access to culture and little opportunities to develop their creativity, when it is exactly what they need, above all else, in order to reconnect with their social environment.

This is why the Ali Zaoua Foundation has decided to take action by opening “The Stars” Cultural Centre in Sidi Moumen, a place where young people can be introduced to and receive trainings in the performing arts, learn foreign languages and showcase their talents, performing in a professional setting. To contribute to the opening up of the Sidi Moumen district to the rest of the city, The Stars Cultural Centre will also regularly invite Moroccan and international artists to perform, participate in meetings or stage screenings for the residents of the district and Casablanca in general.

To this end, a series of dedicated spaces have been created to fulfill the needs and ambitions of these youth. The centre also has an auditorium / screening room, complete with professional-standard fittings and equipment.

icone-mediathequeLEARNING SPACE


icone-decouverteDISCOVERY SPACE


icone-apprentissageCREATION SPACE